We had a very exciting meeting with Yağmur Ünal. A brand new production company was born; No.9 Production. We have started work immediately. When Yeşilçam, the new era producers, had a little brainstorm, we had an idea of ​​what to do in our minds; We were going to create a new storyteller! So we started working for No.9 and we figured out what a story teller could have in production.
The aperture of the camera was the closest symbol to the storyteller for us. The diaphragm, acting like an eye, gave you the chance to see other stories. He left some points as a storyteller, leaving some points more blurry. Thus, he was able to direct our attention to the point he wanted to draw. In fact, how right this was done determined how smooth the story was. The fact that the number 9 represented both the end and the beginning reminded us that the end of each story was the beginning of another story. In the light of all these, we have created the No.9 corporate identity where the diaphragm is combined with the number 9.