Bitter Sweet

About The Production

Production: NO:9 PRODUCTION

Director: Çağrı Bayrak , Tarık Erkan

Scriptwriter: Ayşen Günsu Teker , Fikret Bekler


Nazli is a lively gastronomy student. While she is doing her master’s degree, she also works
in every job she finds to cover her sister Asuman’s college expenses.
Ferit is a handsome and mysterious businessman who is also remote and has an edge with
women. He is a businessman who has lunch in Paris, dinner in Istanbul as he pleases and he
has mathematical intelligence and deals with million dollar worth investments.
Deniz is a rich, handsome, and artistic young man with a frivolous soul that has no eye to
business life. He lives on the fly, one day he is full of energy and peaceful, and the next day
he can be weary of life; he has a heart for painting and music. He is a bohemian who lives an
on again off again relationship with his singer girlfriend Alya.
Nazli finds herself struggling to meet the expenses of herself and her sister Asuman because
of lack of money, and with the help of a school teacher she eventually finds herself in Ferit’s
ultra luxury residence and starts doing cleaning and cooking during the day. Cleaning,
organizing, and cooking for Ferit, who has strict rules and obsessions in every area of his life,
hidden behind the emotional and physical walls; it is not easy at all. But it, too, is not easy to
bring Nazli, who is accustomed to free life, round, and to force her to do things she does not
Nazli and Ferit start quarreling with each other before meeting each other face to face. Nazli
writes messages during the day and Ferit writes answers and gives directives in the notes
left by Nazli ,and Nazli writes her objection messages the next day. This way starts their
squabble. Because he has never seen her, Ferit suppose she is an old woman and Nazli
suppose Ferit to be a grumpy old man. At last, they finally have an encounter at a game
night, where Ferit’s comapny is a sponsor and Nazli is working en extra job. In fact, they
already know each other, but they don’t know it yet.
Ferit falls for beautiful Nazli, and Nazli falls for this handsome man, but before they can
confess it to themselves and others, they have quite a bit of scuffles to get through; first,
Ferit fires Nazli twice, and both times, asks her to come back to work using two different
reasons; Nazli has to struggle to break his walls; Ferit has to learn to deal with her openness;
and eventually both will have to take their first steps for a bit of self-change.
In the meantime, Deniz also meets Nazli at the same game night. Deniz is the son of Ferit’s
family friends (and his partners) and Ferit loves him like a brother. Having the opposite
character of cold and distant Ferit, Deniz, who resembles Nazli in social relations, and Nazli
becomes friends. This friendship turns into a love for Deniz shortly. But he can’t get the
reaction he expects from Nazli. Still, keeping his hope alive, he keeps on being around.
While Nazli and Ferit are getting closer to each other every day, experiencing a number of
happy and sad events, the circle, which is set up by those who has evil plans, becomes
narrower. These two good-willed and innocent people start clinging to each other with
stronger bonds; being unaware of the ambitions of those around them, and what they do,
will perhaps divide them forever.

Having no career desire or ambitions in life, Deniz falls relentlessly in love with Nazli. Even if
he hides his love, even from himself, for a while, he can not wait too long and opens up to
Nazli. Despite Nazli’s rather polite response, this situation is very influential on Deniz, who
has a gentle character. He tries to put an end to his life to get out from this impasse.
Deniz’s suicide attempt starts moving Ferit, who is about to get closer to Nazli, away from
the young girl. For all three, from now on, life becomes difficult and complicated.