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Love Logic Vendetta

Esra always swore she would never marry a man like her father, whose business failures left her family bankrupt and struggling all through her youth. Then she met Ozan, a bright young engineer entering the civil service. The two married and led a comfortable, stable life — until the day Ozan quit his government job to start his own company! Soon Esra is hustling three jobs just to keep the family afloat, while Ozan bounces from one bankruptcy to another. Eventually the two are divorced. Years later, Ozan’s face is plastered over every newspaper, magazine and news show. His social media app has made Ozan insanely rich, a tech celebrity, and one of Turkey’s most eligible bachelors. Esra is still hustling to keep her head above water when she runs into Ozan. Expecting an apology, Esra is furious when Ozan acts cold and arrogant instead. Esra wheedles her way into his company, starts working as an intern and concocts a plan to take her revenge: She will make Ozan fall in love with her again, and when he does… she’ll dump him! Nothing goes according to plan, however, and before long the two exes end up in a shaky love quadrangle with hilarious consequences. True love gets a second chance as our leads realize they were wrong about each other all along.